09 June 2013



Tampa, Florida
June 10, 2013

Homeowners are alarmed over plans now afoot to drill and frack a 13,900-feet deep exploratory well within 1,000 feet of their residences in the Golden Gate Community outside of Naples, Florida.  Residents living within a square mile of the intended site first learned about this when they received a frightening notice from a company called Total Safety, Inc., requesting emergency contact information from each household so they could formulate an evacuation plan in the event of an explosion or a toxic chemical release.

“Total Safety” had been hired by the Dan A. Hughes Company, which had recently signed a leasing agreement from the Collier family, which owns the mineral rights to this massive onshore oil reserve known as the Sunniland Trend.  The Trend stretches from Ft. Myers to Miami and intersects one of the most pristine protected preserves and natural areas in the nation, the beloved Everglades.

“Transparency is key to a government by and for the people,” stated Anita Stewart, Co-chair of the Green Party of Florida.  “They have been planning this and getting their permits for months now, all in secret.  Then they spring it on people as they are ready to start drilling.”

Residents have organized an emergency grassroots effort to stop the drilling and fracking before it begins, and to shut down permitting process. They have planned an Emergency Town Hall Meeting for Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 5PM and have created a website called Preserve Our Paradise, a Facebook page, and a petition on Change.org. 

Organizer Joe D. Mule stated that while the permit does not mention activities consistent with hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” the toxic chemicals routinely used are probably the same or similar to what will be used at the planned site, and they are kept secret under the guise of proprietary restrictions. The end result will be the same — illness and death, the die-off of flora and fauna, and the poisoning of our air, soil and water.

From the Platform of the Green Party of the United States:  “We believe that no one — including people of color and the poor — should be poisoned nor subjected to harmful levels of toxic chemicals and that no group of people should bear a disproportionate share of the pollution from industrial, governmental and commercial sources or policies…Uphold the precautionary principle, requiring polluters to bear the burden of proof in demonstrating the safety of their practices. Expand the application of the precautionary principle from chemicals and health to land use, waste, energy, food policy and local economic development...Facilitate procedural justice, ensuring the public's right to know. Ensure rules and regulations are transparent to help communities employ their rights and participate in decision-making. Provide information in languages appropriate to the affected communities.”

The Green Party of Florida calls for an immediate switch to alternative sources of energy such as Solar, Wind, and Geothermal.

Floridians Alarmed as Industry Signals Desire to “Frack” and Drill Populated Areas by Sayer Ji:
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Facebook Event Page for Emergency Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 5PM:

West Coast Greens of Florida
Green Party of the United States

Anita Stewart
Co-Chair of the Green Party of Florida


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  3. My comments were not read at the EMERGENCY TOWN HALL MEETING, but here they are:
    Perhaps people living in Florida thought they were exempt from oil drilling and fracking in this state. Our biggest industry here is tourism at almost 70 Billion a year and that $$$ always seems to first when making decisions at the state and local government level. So why would our leaders jeopardize all of that by choosing oil drilling and fracking and letting those corporations and industries take ownership over our clean water, air and soil? Or our homes, beaches, forests, waterways, the flora and fauna and all of our wild places?

    Big Oil and the Extraction industries cause death and destruction wherever they go. As BP suspends their clean up operations in the rest of the Gulf Region to include Florida’s panhandle, people there continue to document their dirty beaches with tar balls washing up, dolphins pushing their dead, aborted fetuses around in the water, contaminated seafood and sick people. One doctor I interviewed said she had over a quarter million people reporting to her. Shrimp and oyster populations are collapsing. People are continuing to document the aberrations (such as shrimp hatched with no eyes) and tumours on other harvested seafood.

    What happens to one of us happens to all of us. We no longer have an open and transparent government. Our government conducts most of their operations under a shroud of secrecy. What is most concerning over this rape, pillage and theft of our land, water and air is the fact that these discussions, planning and permitting were being conducted behind closed doors with no input from we the people. Our leaders are supposed to be working for us, not the corporations. But it appears that our leaders have been bought for a price.

    What is being conducted in the Gulf Region is nothing short of ecocide and genocide.

    The Green Party of Florida calls for a radical and immediate solution -- a halt to all oil drilling and fracking, exploratory or otherwise. We call for a switch to alternative sources of energy, to include Solar, Wind, Wave and Geothermal.

    Anita Stewart, Co-chair of the Green Party of Florida

  4. This state, my City, its politicians and leaders are doing what ever they want because they are used to no one paying attention - and ALL of it - what they are doing is twofold They are Destroying our Environment and they are out only to Get Rich off of whatever they can suck out of our State. WE ALL HAVE TO START PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO LOCAL POLITICS IN WHATEVER CITIES IN THIS STATE WE LIVE IN. Such a sad state of affairs. FRACKING in the EVERGLADES they place we are SUPPOSED To be RESTORING all these YEARS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. OMG WHAT NEXT? OMG.

  5. You folks are in my prayers! This is so sad. Please add your voice locally and at the State level!